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Alliance joins International Women’s Day protests in London

International Women's Day 20178th March 2017. Members of the Scottish Kinship Care Alliance today joined groups of women from all over Britain to celebrate International Women’s Day and fight for women’s rights as carers, mothers and equals. Parallel protests happened in more than 50 countries globally addressing women’s rights and striking from home and workplace duties. The London event was organised by the Alliance’s close allies – Global Women’s Strike – alongside a variety of other groups including WASPI – Women Against State Pension Inequality, who made the long journey from Scotland.

International Women's Day 2017Kinship care once again became a key issue as three SNP MPs joined the protest and stood with the kinship carers. Chair of the Alliance Micheliene Kane spoke to the large audience outside the Houses of Parliament highlighting the continuing disparity between formal and informal children in kinship care, despite the increase in support which carers have recently received after years of campaigning.

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