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Kinship carers protest new Bill outside parliamentary session

Feb 19th parliament demo19th February 2014.

Today around 60 kinship carers and their supporters and children from across the Scottish regions protested loudly, chanting and singing outside the Scottish Parliament. They spoke to and leafleted MSPs arriving at Holyrood for the parliamentary debate on the Children and Young People Bill which took place at 2pm, urging them to vote for amendments which attempt to increase the support available to kinship care families in the Bill. Kinship carers claim that if these amendments do not go through vital support for vulnerable children in kinship care will be cut.

The demonstration was covered on STV, BBC radio (6.49mins in), BBC news, the Evening Times before and after the demo, Edinburgh Evening News and more.

Feb 19th parliament demo kidsKinship carers and the children in their care faced the cold weather today, waving placards and banners reading ‘stop this Bill’ and ‘end the discrimination now’. One banner pointed out that ‘we are saving the Scottish government £600 million per year’ – a reference to avoided care costs from keeping kinship children in the family. They chanted loudly using a megaphone and loud voices and sang versions of popular songs. A number of MSPs came down to meet and hear from the carers before going into the parliamentary session. One commented that the demonstration could be heard inside the committee rooms!

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Stop the Kinship Care Order!

Picture 3Stop the Scottish Government reducing support to vulnerable children in kinship care as part of the new Children and Young People Bill!

Please join our national demonstration at the Scottish Parliament from 12 – 2pm on 19th February 2014, to catch MSPs before they go into parliament for the Stage 3 debate on the Children and Young People Bill!! Bring placards and loud voices. This is one of our last chances to stop support being reduced as part of this Bill.

Also please sign our petition and/or cut and paste the letter below to send to your MSP. You can find your MSP and email them using this link, and then copying the letter below into the text box, with any alternations you want to make. Please send this to all your friends. We need as many letters and signatures as possible before the 19th Feb.

Read below to find out why this is so important..

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